Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank You

I just wanted to thank all of you for reading my blog with an open mind! These are my personal thoughts that I know I put out for the "public" to see, but I really respect and thank you for reading my blog and always giving your feedback!

I just feel like it is so great to know you aren't alone in your thoughts and I love all the feedback I am getting! It has brought me so much closer to so many people because we're starting or re-starting a relationship (of all kinds) on an honest and open basis... because we have something in common... or we respect each others thoughts!

One of the main reasons I also love blogging is by getting my thoughts out "on paper" and coming to these "great" (at least in my mind) realizations, different views on situations, and at times talking myself down from the "ledge" or talking myself "up" to take on a situation. Thank you for always lending an eye and ear without judgment!


Every Step of the Way

I'm sure we have all heard the expression that goes something like "people come in and out of our lives for a reason"... well I believe that is true but also with experiences or realizations!

For example I am probably one of the most indecisive people I know. When we were at dinner with some family a few weeks ago my brother said "I have never met a group of people that cannot decide what they are going to eat for dinner like our family" and then some wise a** comment like "the UN makes decisions faster than we do" and it is so true!

Part of my indecisiveness is that I want to try and please everyone.. if it's just me then I can make a decision in .5 seconds! I know what I want to do... but if it involves anyone else that is when I start to "panic"- what do they want to do, do they like what I want to do, I don't want to be too pushy, etc. etc. It used to drive my husband mad!! I have gotten a lot better, but I am still VERY indecisive! But at least I know where it comes from.

And I am smart enough to know that "you can't please all of the people all of the time", BUT I can't help wanting to try! But it will and does drive me mad and ends up blowing in my face... I TRY to please people and in the end it backfires... you would think that would be "somebody's" way of  telling you something haha!

I think of all of the wonderful mommy role models I have in my life and the one thing they have in common is that they take care of their family first!  They have a TON of extended family, friends, acquaintances, play groups, etc. that they all participate in and are committed to, but no matter what they put their kids and husbands first and that is so admirable!

A wise woman once said to me... being a mom is like being a person.. you do your best and sometimes you will be great at it and sometimes you won't be so great, but if you do what YOU FEEL is RIGHT and BEST for your family than that is all that you can do. It is so true... I want to really try to stand by the choices and decisions I make for my family and my little bumpkin because I know I am not perfect, but I'm only doing what I feel is best for little George"y" or Georgette (haha don't worry those are NOT our kids names) and I am sure that other family members, friends, and parents are not going to agree or even approve of my parenting style (you mean spanking isn't OK anymore? J/K) but I can't worry about that... I have to be a strong mom and know that I am doing the best I can. Which means I need to put even MORE  thought (if possible) into making sure that my decisions regarding our child do come from the heart and in a "ready, aim, shoot" manner  because the results and consequences of my actions and decisions go far beyond myself now!

Just a cool "realization" I have been thinking about that I wanted to share... and hoping that in putting it out there I can hold myself accountable to it! It's something I wish I had realized and been able to adapt to long ago.. having the confidence in myself and my decisions long before I had a child to look after!

A Lesson behind every turn...

I literally learned a wonderful lesson that I keep learning over and over again but it really is a good reminder that we must remain flexible and how important it really is to "not sweat the small stuff"!

I decided to switch up my routine this morning and start work a little later.. so I got up and took Harley for a jog, walk, jog, walk as I now call it! I started to get so upset because I was jogging SO slowly (probably around a 4.0 on a treadmill) and my heart rate would shoot up above 145 so then I had to slow down... and I LOVE walking, but I had my mind set on a jog. Then Harley started taking up the WHOLE trail lane- hello doesn't he know "stay right pass left"?!? Ha.. and then I realized how ridiculous these things sounded in my head.. was I literally getting this upset that I couldn't control the situation? And I was I really going to let it ruin my whole day? I mean I should only be so lucky to have the opportunity to do what I was doing in the morning... so many people don't have that luxury of time or space! And then I came to two important realizations... #1- what was really going on that I cannot "control" and I am taking it out on myself and poor Harley. Because that is the bigger picture of control.. and I know myself it's not about me not being able to jog or have Harley "share the road"... it's about something bigger that I need to come to peace with. And the MOST important #2- it's NOT about me anymore... it's not about ANYONE anymore but Baby.... and baby is telling mommy to slow down (yes literally and metaphorically)! So I listened... I slowed down... I looked around... and I smiled... I was in the moment!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend vs. Weekday

OK.. so what did you do yesterday? Did you feel peaceful? Were you happy? Did you rest? Were you productive? So... what did you do?

Now fast forward to today.. MONDAY... how do you feel? Are you happy? Do you feel rested? Productive?

If I had to guess I'm going to say that I bet you feel differently about your yesterday and your today.. but why?

Why can't we make our weekdays feel more like our weekends? I don't know about you, but we are very active and productive on our weekends but still make time for rest. And you do what you want and feel great!

I know there is that thing called a j-o-b and many people don't have flexible hours so that makes it hard to sleep until you feel rested or get done the things you want to do. Corporate America needs to re-think the way it's running haha!

How many hours are "wasted" on people not being productive? Imagine if everyone just focused on what they had to do and when they were done.. they were done! Some days you could work 2-4 hours and I am sure other days you could work 15+ hour days! But what is the point of holding people hostage so they are kept on a schedule?!?! I mean I "get" why it's set up the way it is, it's just an interesting concept!

What if we all worked, but could get our work done and be done with it and get to enjoy the end of our day... even if it only happened once a week!


How long do you keep your books after you have read them? This is something I have often pondered... when is it "good" and when are they just collecting junk? I'm continuously trying to set up my office downstairs and that includes moving my books downstairs. Now I'm going to be blatantly honest.. I'm sure we all know I'm not reading any books that are making a difference in history (minus Twilight Series haha).... what I am saying is these aren't books you keep to store in your future library in your future mansion (haha). I have a few authors I really like, but I don't think I'm going to read the books again, but you send $14-25 on books now it's hard to throw away!

I know you can resell to an old book shop for a $1 but what else???

How do you handle.....

Have you ever taken a step back and thought about how you handle things?

How do you act or react when you are happy.. I mean really really happy about something? Do you go around telling everyone? Do you unintentionally rub it in everyone's face? Do you smile and give "subtle" hints waiting for people to ask you how you are or "what's up" or do you just sit back, smile, and enjoy the ride?

Now what about when you are frustrated, angry or just plain sad? Do you go on a rampage? Do you cry? Do you hole up? Do you raid the refrigerator and pantry or shy away from food all together? Do you call a friend and talk it out? Listen to music? Journal?

The crazy thing about technology today is with websites like facebook, twitter, and blogging you can tell people openly or passive aggressively how you feel with the push of the button. Which can be both good and bad. And when is it too much? Too much sharing? Too much knowledge out there?

I am true believer with everything that I have been through that it's really important to get your emotions and thoughts out of your head or else they build up inside and you pop and/or self destruct. I have done that ONE too many times and I'm not going back to that place... unfortunately it's the only place i know how to go, so I have just had to figure out something new. But when is sharing things crossing the line? Some people are more open than others... and those people who are more private can get very upset with you sharing details about a situation they are involved in... even if it's to a close family member or friend... so what do you do then? Journaling is great, but it takes awhile... I love blogging my thoughts, but sometimes you can't get too personal because I'm not going to air my dirty laundry...

I am literally on cloud 9 with this pregnancy. I just absolutely LOVE being pregnant. I can't help it.. I want to sing from the rooftops.. BUT.... I'm human.... I've got so much going on in my life right now carrying this wonderful bundle of joy and you try to stay positive as possible, but let's face it we don't live in a perfect world! Every day isn't going to be a happy day, just because I am pregnant and loving it! I have to live life and fortunately and unfortunately that means dealing with other people, your emotions, and situations that make you not so happy. It's hard especially when your emotions are running rapid!

I know to most people (especially men) pregnant women's hormones and emotions are a joke... but honestly it's sort of rude. My friend put it perfectly... their (men) job is done after they plant the seed... WHICH let's be honest- who's husband, fiance, friend with benefits, etc. doesn't mention or "beg" for sex at least 3-1,000x a week? So... they do their job by doing something they really really really enjoy.. POOR THEM! For the next 9 months the ladies then go through physical and emotional changes. I'm sorry but it's NOT about them anymore.. it's about the "baby" and the momma... and we are giving our partners LIFE.. literally.. hopefully a happy and healthy life... and I would think it would be in everyone's best interest around the baby to keep that baby and momma as happy as possible!

All these emotions have just gotten me thinking. Yes it is all about attitude and it's good to stay positive and strong, but when is that too much? Sometimes you just have to let yourself feel. And don't let ANYONE make you feel differently!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Control Freak!!!!

Do you ever think that you can be the exception to the rule? Not necessarily get away with things, but they some how your sense of control is soooo great and powerful that you can just will yourself to do or not do something?!?

Well unfortunately I fall under this category... I am now entering my 4-6 month expanding and "in between" being cute and really preggo stage! And I feel great and am so blessed to be healthy so I am in NO way complaining it is just so funny as you  hear people go through things you think "oh that will happen to me" or "I'll figure out a way for it NOT to happen to me".

I'm in a a really great spot with all of these amazing women and mommies as friends around me who have been great mentors and then one of my best friends is literally due 4 weeks before me so I feel like I am cheating on the "preggo test" by getting all the answers, haha!

For the last 4 months I have been super lucky that the only thing that has grown on me are my belly and my boobies (yeah for a C haha JK in a major way). Starting at week 13 the baby really begins to grow and then literally doubles in size between weeks 15-20. And in the past 2-3 weeks I have really started to see my body change. It's so cool to me (and I know it won't be so cool in the  next few weeks haha) to experience this first hand and just stand naked (yeah gross don't picture it) in front of the mirror and just look how my body is changing to keep this little nugget safe! As a friend of a friend said, which was really funny at the time but so cool and true, "I am supplying [my family] with another life" I am that is cool. And as my husband and friends have to keep reminding me... technically my one job is to keep Myself and Baby safe and healthy... Literally!

I have to keep reminding myself that it doesn't mean I'm "weak" if I have to rest for 20 minutes. Or to ask for help... that is such a hard one. I took two big steps this week... when my friend was in town I was having these stomach pains and she kept wanting to help and I kept not letting her basically and then finally I was like OK let her help, you gotta get used to this because no matter what I think I am going to NEED it when baby comes! And then I also gave up some control with work and delegated responsibility to others and it automatically felt like a burden had been lifted off my chest!

That being said... even though you feel great, look great, etc. we're women and it's still "hard" to see your face fill out or whatever is growing on you at that moment. Being a small chested woman who prides herself on rarely having to wear bras, these bigger ladies are getting in my way and are taking some time to get used to. But very in a non-ED way... it's cool to think, yeah this is a PITA maybe and they are sore, but they will hopefully supply my child with food to grow and antibodies to help it's little immune system and that is just so cool!

This whole experience has really taught me that is NOT about control.. you just HAVE to give up that control and embrace each moment because it TRULY TRULY is about attitude.... keeping positive and seeing the bright side on everything or seeing the light at the other end of the tunnel is what is truly important!

Quotation "out of control"

Anyone who knows me... or at least emails with me knows  that for some reason I use " " for ANYTHING! I use them in all the right spots AND all the wrong spots! I was just reading over an email I sent when I was talking about a crib and put crib in quotation marks... but why?!? I was literally talking about a crib nothing hypothetical about it, haha!

What is even more sad is that it actually has been pointed out that I "love using quotation marks" haha how sad!

Morning Fav

Food/Entertainment: Teresa's Next Door

This Beer Garden is located in the heart of Wayne and is one of my favorite "go to" places. It's connected to an Italian BYOB (Teresa's Cafe) and neither take reservations, but that is the fun part... while you wait you just try the infinite supply of beer they have. 

We had some out of town guests in that know their stuff when it comes to beer so I thought it would be a fun place to take them. I think they really enjoyed trying and talking about the beer's they were choosing... I was definitely jealous.. but as soon as their new beer came I stole it for a quick smell and lick off the top haha gross! My other favorite thing there are their mussels!!! I like to get them Provincial.. which is garlic in a white wine sauce... which the husband thought it was going against the grain on the whole "drinking while preggo" but I assured him gave 'em a good shake before inserting them in my mouth, haha!

It's AMAZING during the winter, snuggling up in a booth and their menu is a little heavier so it fits the fall/winter style, BUT the summer months, especially August, are really nice because everyone is down at the shore so you're waiting time is cut in 1/2 at least!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some kind of wonderful....

You don't have to be a weatherman (or woman) to realize that rain is in the forecast. I'm usually not an advocate of rain, but today I'm OK with it. I set out for my morning walk with Harley and a nice little surprise was waiting for me.... a cooler temperature, a lower % of humidity, and a nice breeze. There was just this beautiful essence about the morning... it was peaceful... a calm serenity had taken over the neighborhood. And even though it was after 7:00AM I felt like it could have been 5:00AM and all the neighbors were still tucked in their beds and it was just, me, Harley, and the break of dawn. The calm before the storm.

Usually one finds inspiration in a sunny day or a cloudless sky, but today I found my inspiration in a cloudy white layer..... with the daydreams of the fall that is to come.... the change in schedules, the change in weather  (less humid) the change in clothes, and that is just a beginning. Although we still have "the dog days of August" to get through I saw a glimpse into the months to come and welcome any change openly.....

I'm  not one that does well with change, but with this whole pregnancy thing going on I find myself trying to have a new outlook. Change happens... everything "happens" for a reason and we just have to roll with the punches... instead of sitting back and letting the change happen around you, why not BE the change? Now obviously this won't happen overnight but it might be a good motto to slowly move into.

Kyle and I have been talking for years about moving out to Colorado and finally a year ago it was sort of like "give it up, you're not going to move so stop looking for houses, areas to live, and school districts to send our kids". And it's true... I really don't think I'd be able to take "the plunge" unless the world started changing around me... neighbors and good friends leaving the neighborhood, friends moving farther away, family members moving, or even everyone's lives getting busier and busier as the kids get older which means you see people less and less.... then I bet I would stop and say.. OK things are changing it's an "OK" time... but what's the point in that? I realize that there is no perfect time.... just about the time I found out I was  pregnant and 2 weeks earlier we had the "OK we'll wait on kids and concentrate on our careers and travel"... well apparently someone else had a different plan for us than our own.. and being a control freak I'm OK with that.

I'm not saying I'm packing my bags and moving out to Denver tomorrow... but what's so bad in BEING the change.. taking the initiative for once? Am I afraid of falling.. of failing? Maybe.... but so what you get back up... you figure it out! And it only gets harder to "recover from a fall" as you get older... we're still young and resilient (at least I think)!

We only live once and I think no matter WHAT it is, we need to be able to LIVE... There will always be someone else with more money, more time, more beauty, more more more and it's just not realistic to live with the "one day" attitude. I think it's important to have realistic goals and dreams, but there's a bigger world out there than us... Growing up "on the main line" your sense of reality gets so jaded on what you think is "normal" in regards to anything- schools, cars, houses, money, friends, etc. It doesn't mean you have to have a lot of these things to think this way.... but it's your surroundings... and when you walk out into that big world you realize there is a lot more around you than what you thought. It doesn't mean you necessarily change your ways but it's always good to open up your eyes and take a look around every once in awhile! At the end of the day if you have enough "funds" to do what you want to do... that is successful..... if you wake up every morning next to someone else you love and can feel the love back... that is successful.... if you know you make someone else feel loved and special whether it is your significant other, your family members, your children, your "puppa".... then that is successful!

Morning NOT so Fav

Before I start my ramblings I want to get it out there that I am a firm believer in "to each their own". What works for some people may not work for others. Well that is certainly the case for me....

I changed up my daily face wash for one that had less salicylic acid (say that 5 times fast) just in case for baby. When I asked a few friends what generic brands they used they recommended Cetaphil and another similar brand. I've used the Cetaphil samples before that I've grabbed from my dermatologist's office and wasn't really that impressed. And I'm sure I could have gone to Sephora or Blue Mercury and spent hours looking through all their products, but I figured I'd give it another go.

Now I understand that face wash is different than eye make up remover... but it really annoys me when I step out of the shower looking like Tara Reid after she's been crying! If it's really doing its job, shouldn't it be able to get the remnants of my mascara and eye liner off? After I use it I just don't feel "clean"... I actually feel more slimy... I wonder why this is?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Change up the Cycle

I don't think it's any secret that our lives... in almost any aspect... tend to run in cycles. Whether it is your relationships with your friends, your family, your "significant other", work, sex life, emotional stability, etc. In this case I'm talking about my "gym cycle". I get SO bored SO easily... so I tend to have to change up my workout schedule every few months or now as my body is a changing every few weeks. I find it keeps me motivated and intrigued... looking forward to my workout vs. "here we go again".

Unfortunately last night I was on the treadmill (don't be fooled I can't run above 5.5 without my heart rate sky rocketing above 140) and my left foot really started to hurt. It was very humbling for me, because usually I would just push through, but I told myself what is the point? And you're really suppose to be learning how to take care of yourself and the bebe so that wouldn't be smart.. so I moved myself over to the elliptical (which I had shied away from years ago) and it was like "waaaahhhh LAH" a new beginning.. I loved it and actually felt more productive than I did on the treadmill...

I'm a true believer that everything happens for a reason. I know that sounds dumb because I'm talking about a gym work out, ha, but seriously... I would have pushed myself to run, most likely, until that baby popped out just to prove I could... even if it was 3.5, but instead I found something else that makes me feel good! Sometimes you just need to break the cycle and change things up... and you might just be happily surprised!

Coffee for a Purpose

So I know there is the huge debate about caffeine during pregnancy and I probably fall somewhere in the middle... I honestly think almost "anything" in moderation is OK in life in general. After the end of my first trimester I introduced a tiny cup of joe here and there when necessary or much desired! Luckily it's not every day for me... but it was mighty tasty this AM with my salt bagel... yes I had another bagel again today... this time it was a YUMMY NY bagel courtesy of Rebecca from Rebecca's Ruminations (http://rebeccasruminations.blogspot.com/?spref=fb).

But I think I found the purpose of coffee in pregnancy... well I know I am not that far along and this is my first so I won't even pretend to know what I am talking about... but being someone who pretty much just drinks water with lemon unless I'm trying to force down more calcium or fruits and veggies with milk or V8 Fusion that's about it. They say the further you get into pregnancy the more the water consumption will help (specifically with those movements that begin with a BIG B or tiny B... and I'm not talking baby) regulate you. Well.... forget the Colace kids..... just have a tiny 'cup of joe' and I'm thinking that might help in more than one aspect!

Like I said I'm no expert BUT.... I'll keep ya posted!

Morning Fav

Beauty: Mario Badescu's "Ginseng Face Cream"

It's funny because when you read the product label it says best for winter months, but I'm hot for this baby now now now! I seriously LOVE putting this on first thing after a fresh face wash in the AM and last thing at night! Not only does it smell so good, but it also gets the job done!

As you know I've had to change a lot of my products and I was really nervous about changing my face cream and what that would do to my complexion with all these ragging hormones, but so far so good!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Now there's a thought... or dumb idea?!?

So I signed up for this website zulily and am obsessed! It's a "Rue La La" for Mom's, babies, and little kids. They have some AMAZING deals!

My issue- now that I have decided to not find out the sex I feel like everything is either BOY or GIRL.. nothing "gender" neutral that isn't yellow or green! Grrr.....

Some of the things are really cute and reasonable so I'm thinking what if I found something I just HAD to have and got it (whether it was B or G) and then if I don't have that gender I can always save it for a friend.. I mean the world will have more babies born!

Is this silly and a waste of money or a good idea?!?

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Wow, this indecisive girl sure has a lot of important decisions to make over the next few months! But, I know it's good for me or at least that is what I keep telling myself!

We're in the market for a new car, which is always fun, exciting, stressful, frustrating... well full of emotions, you get the point! We are both obsessed with the Chevy Tahoe's. And even more recently the LTZ version with the middle bucket seats. The only issue with these is that when the 3rd row is up there is literally 1-5 inches in depth of trunk space! Which is fine for now, but what about down the line? Chevy Tahoe's tend to last awhile so we'd want to keep it as long as possible, so will it be enough for Kyle or Kylie Jr. (JUST KIDDING), their friends and all the sports gear (fingers crossed)?!?

I think it's a little over the top to plan for our car 10 years down the line, but it has me thinking a lot about upgrading the space to the suburban? Is that going a little overboard.. I mean it's our first kid, we're both working and young, etc. do we really need to go all out and get the monster truck? But a ton of people I have talked to about their Tahoe's or Suburbans say it might just be smarter to go for the Suburban up front!

Obviously this all depends on condition, mileage, $$$$$/Price, and availability!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Easily Annoyed

I don't think it's just a pregnancy thing, because I have always been this way... I really let some people and some things bother me that others would just shrug off and not think twice about or say "it's their problem, why are you worrying about it". And NO I'm not talking about dumb drivers, although I am a very aggressive driver (Momma Miles can attest to that)....

I get so hot and bothered by people that take A-KNEEE-TIHNG to the next level. Whether it is blown out of proportion, upset, good, bad, etc. I just get so annoyed when people are so melodramatic serious... now I am sure my mother will call me melodramatic from time to time... in fact I think she used to use the phrase "Scarlett Ohara" (I'm pretty sure she was an actress), but I'm  talking about people that do it for serious... I don't know why but it just drives me bonkers :)

Belly Obsessed

So I am just completely 110% with my baby "bump" which is barely non-existent to the human eye, but obvi I can tell. And I feel like a total poser (especially when I am in prenatal yoga and everyone else around me is 32 weeks), but I don't care, I love to touch it and look at it in a mirror..  I am just plain obsessed!!!! I'll check back in about 20 weeks when I'm sure I'll feel like a beached whale and be ready to get this "thing" out of me, haha!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kids Say the Darndst Things

Last night we had my nephew over and I showed him the sonogram and after we explained what it was I actually think he could tell it was a baby.

So then he asks.... but where is it?" And it was really the neatest thing to explain to him that it was in my belly and see him process it and then semi-understand the process.

Before I get to this next part a little background.... the way we told my nephew, brother, and sister inlaw: we were around the dinner table on our last night in Spain and I said "B- have you ever played the game telephone?" (his response was no...). So I figured hook line and sinker.. this is going to work out great. SO.... we did a practice round and when he got it we placed him next to my brother (who was next to  my sister inlaw, who was last).... So it started out "Kiki's having a baby"... and it was so cute when he told my brother.. who was definitely semi confused (huh what?) who then passed it along to my sister inlaw.. it was the coolest thing! So the rest of the night all B wanted to do was pick our favorite names for the baby.. which apparently is a boy, haha! He just wouldn't take any girls names... maybe it's because he already has 2 girl cousins and is dying for a boy to play with? Apparently the boy feeling hasn't gone away and he is just absolutely convinced it's "not a girl". Hope we don't dissapoint haha!

So last night he asks "so what are we going to name it?" and I said well you have to pick a boy and a girl name and he was like "WHY ARE THERE TWO BABIES.. THAT WOULD BE SO COOL YOU'D GET TO HAVE TO CHILDS. And then I had to explain that it could be either a girl or a boy so we needed options... at that point he lots interest.. I guess he has his mind made up! 

Wacky Walmart

I had to head out to the KOP mall last Monday so I thought I would give Walmart a try for my grocery shopping... I mean I see all of those commercials claiming to help me save $$$ a year, so I figured I'd try it out..... it was a good idea although they don't really have too many "healthy" options (i.e. no light peanut butter just to name a few), but strawberries were only $1.98 so you can't beat that!

Anyway I am in the check out line (of the few that were open) and it was going pretty slowly and I was STARVING!!! It took everything I had not to grab the Snickers or Twix right off the shelf! It's finally my turn to put my items on the "runway" (or whatever you call that thing). And let's be honest, it's no secret I have some OCD qualities... so yes I organize my items so it is easiest to bag them (all the bottles go together; the boxes; the produce; the meats; the breads; etc.) but this didn't make it an easier for the girl who was checking me out.. I was looking up, looking down, etc.... all I wanted to do was grab the items and bag them myself!!!

So she goes "girl, you sure do have a lot of stuff"; my reply? "and it's only two of us". She was DEFINITELY surprised by that but I explained how we were fresh out of everything and I was restocking... plus I'm pregnant and need lots of options cause i"m picky... Her response- "ohh that explains it, cause girl I was gonna say"....

So this open conversation makes the woman behind me want to get involved. Just to set the seen she is a rather larger woman with some not so healthy items in her pile (yes I noticed in the 30 minutes it took the girl to bag my groceries).. so the woman behind me goes "YEAH- I was going to say... your pile sure does look a lot different that mine", my awkward response was  a soft "oh, huh huh", but what I really wanted to say was... maybe you just not get all that processed food and 1,000 calorie drinks... but I didn't.. and it could have just ended there.. but the clerk goes "YEAH you sure have a lot of snack and drinks"... that was my cue... slide, sign.... seee ya!!!!!!!!!!

Morning Fav

Food: Bagel Thins

Well good 'ol Uncle Thomas has done it again.... he has now introduced his new "Bagel Things" into my life! I think it's pretty obvious I'm a bagel addict and no the "Fox29 news and MLS fitness" segment last week on "don't eat bagels" didn't scare me off! My fav- a nice yummy salt bagel, but I'll "settle" for a multi-grain every once in awhile.

Wondering through Walmart (that is a whole other story in it's own) on Monday I came across these Bagel Thins, which I was so excited about because I have been craving bagels bagels bagels daily... bagels in the AM with peanut butter and homemade bagel melts for lunch. Yes... I'm a pre-pregnancy bagel scooper, guilty as charged, so this option I LOVE because I get to have my bagel daily and not feel so "guilty".

Word of caution- don't toast them TOO much they harden quickly out of the toaster!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm not crazy... I'm just pregnant

Well to sentimental things like weddings, baby news, natural disasters, etc. my tear ducts are just all dried up... but to random commercials, MLB games, etc. apparently my emotions go haywire!

For example... a few weeks ago we were watching the MLB all star game and they have the "real life all stars", which was a group of people (each person represented one MLB team) and they had done something to help out their community or those less privileged.. They probably gave a 3-5min blurb about 10 of the people and I couldn't keep it together... Kyle was laughing hysterically.. I mean each one I was crying harder than the next... #1- because their own personal stories were so touching but #2- because I was feeling guilty for my life.. what have I done to help others?!? The whole poor me.... get up off the couch and do something with my life kind of feeling!!! It was terrible... what was even worse... sobbing while trying to eat frozen yogurt.. now that's tricky!

Commercials- have you guys seen those "don't feel bad.... just adopt..... sheltered dogs" commercials? I mean KILLER! HOLY COW!!!! I have to walk out of the room it's so bad!!!

Last week I was in a 6:15am spin class..... still in tired mode, trying to get pumped, and Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" comes on. And instead of getting all "gung-ho" pumped I started silently crying about how excited I am that I am pregnant.. haha whack job! Good thing the lights were off and I sit in the corner bike alone!

 Or this morning when I almost flipped my lid that he ate the granola (that I wanted to put on my bagel with peanut butter... normal) as cereal and finished it all up and I had JUST been to the grocery store the night before and didn't get extra because we thought we had plenty... but at least we caught it midway and both just started hysterically laughing knowing I couldn't control myself!!!!

Cat out of the bag.....

So now that the cat was pretty much let out of the bag.... some of my blogs will probably take a new turn.

Very similar to when I got Harley.... just bare with me like you all did!

Don't worry I won't go ALL "Preggzilla" and "Mommy and Me" on you just yet... but it sure is making for some interesting stories, good table talk, and weird dreams?!?

Skinny Cow

Right now I am enjoying a mouth watering, delicious "Strawberry Shortcake Skinny Cow" ice cream sandwich (although it could be a tad bigger haha)! And I am so excited about all of the flavors, but I just can't get enough! I can't decide whether to savor it and "lick" (I know gross) all the way around or do I just bite into it piece by piece to get the full effect of the strawberry shortcake?

This is satisfying a huge craving I have been having for the not-so-healthy old "Good Humor" Strawberry shortcake bars. I have been craving one of those since last week.. this is a good compromise!

How do you eat your skinny cow?!?