Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Morning Fav

Morning Fav: Charlottesville, Virginia

We were lucky enough to spend this past weekend with our wonderful friends in Charlottesville, Virginia. Unfortunately the hubster had to work but The King and I were able to spend all weekend exploring around Charlottesville. 

Side Note: It's so funny how you can change your tune, because growing up I dreamed of attending UVA, because my older brother went there, they had great soccer and lacrosse programs, I liked the colors (blue and orange), and not only was the campus pretty but the people too. Hey- don't judge me I grew up on the "Main Line", how else was I suppose to evaluate a college? However, the path the Great One had for me didn't take me that far down south but instead to the University of Maryland where I soon began to "dislike" (for lack of a more polite word hehe) everything "Wahoo". 

We couldn't have asked for a better weekend weather wise. All of the trees radiated brilliant colors of oranges, yellows, and reds. The mountains stood tall and continued on for miles and miles in the background of all of our pictures! 

Even the drive down and back was enjoyable. We took 81 "the whole way" with zero traffic and a gorgeous backdrop. Especially on our way home with the fog rising above the mountains!

We spent both Saturday and Sunday visiting 2 wineries in the surrounding area. The first day we went to Pippin Hill Winery and the second day we went to The King Family Winery. Both were kid and dog friendly with yummy wines and backdrops. However, both had their own unique selling points- I loved Pippin Hill for the set up with the wood distressed tables all facing the mountains and vineyards. They also had, what looked to be, a very delicious menu of smaller plates (we just came from lunch so we didn't eat). King Family was neat because they had a patio full of iron clad tables where you could BYOF(ood) and then there was a huge sprawl of flat land where kids ran around, played tag, baseball, pet the horses, or crawled (that would be our King). I mean we were there for hours and he just played and played and played exploring all the new things around him; that is until he conked out face first in his stroller!

Here are the sites for both wineries in case you ever make your way down that way:

Pippin Hill Winery

The King Family Winery: