Thursday, November 14, 2013

9 Lessons From Our Grandparents

This article is from the Huffington Post Online and is SO Fabulous!

The lessons are great but the pictures to go with them are even better


1. Take a Damn Vacation

2.  ... Lots of Vacations

3. Travel Should be FUN

4. One GREAT Picture is worth more than hundreds

5. Forget Decor Trends (house should feel like a home)

6. Dress for EVERY Occasion

7. A commute isn't a free pass for rudeness

8. Have people over once in awhile

9. Write a letter... Please

Being a Godly Wife/Butler Party of 3

I have been following this new blog "Butler Party of 3" for a few months now and really enjoy the blogger's posts. She has a son so I tend to skip the posts about her baby that has a lot of pictures (no offense he is adorable), but she does come up with a lot of great reflective posts from a modern Christian.

I originally found her through this post on Pinterest: "How to be a Godly Wife":

I really liked this post. It may be a little much to some people but if you don't take it so literally and look at her reflections or messages I really like it.

Humbling Your Child's Christmas

I found this idea on Pinterest and I have to say I REALLY like it. It really fits our situation right now and I'm hoping that we can continue this tradition for the year's to come.

Each child gets 4 presents.
1.    Something they want
2.    Something they need
3.    Something to wear
4.    Something to read

Like my mother I LOVE Christmas and I usually tend to go overboard. We are on a very tight budget these days and have been doing a good job on following it. Christmas is tough because just because you WANT to give presents doesn't mean you CAN. In fact, I like giving more than receiving (and that is NOT what she said, badump bump). So it's definitely hard knowing I can't play Kris Kringle like I used to it.

Monday, November 11, 2013

CrossFITTING My Mental Strength

So it's no secret that The Hubby and I are avid CrossFitters, in case you forget THERE is your reminder, haha just kidding! And I actually strongly dislike the noun/adjective "CrossFitter" as we don't fit the true "mold" and aren't in the CF cult (by our standers)... we are just two people who really like to work out, like a challenge, are extremely competitive (OK OK I AM competitive), like the CF programing, CF 5 days a week and do occasional competitions- so I guess I am not really helping my case?!?

BUT... for lack of a better word yup I used it

Last November I started the blog The George Project and did it for about 5 months until once again life got in the way, our competition season slowed down, and I just had other priorities. But I figured since I was trying to blog again I could just do it on here.

We are back in our garage after a 2-month membership at another box. Thoroughly enjoyed our time there working out with the other members, but for the time being we had to move our workouts back home. It's definitely been a lot more challenging going back this time as I really enjoyed the people I worked out with- super friendly; the time (late afternoon vs. early morning); working out with heat or ac vs. the temp outside; and it became our family routine where we all went together. The King stills asks "Mommy why aren't we going to the gym", the only easy explanation I had for him was "we won't be going to the gym for awhile, the gym is closed" and my little rascal's response "Mommy- does the man know the gym is closed?"- freaking LOVE that kid! Also reminds me of "Jerry Maguire" (NO RAY THE ZOO IS CLOSED).

We did start following a new program though that will hopefully help me get a little stronger. As I knew and was reminded of two weekends ago in the SuperFit competition is that there are a lot of other women stronger than me out there and if I want to compete I can't just rely on my METCON performance, I need to build strength. So, we have been following the "OPEN" routines on this CompetitorsWodBlogspot

Today's WOD was extremely hard for me 

First off I have had the jitters all morning and have just been OFF- that never helps rushing out to a work out. No matter how I tried to settle it with breathing or nutritionally it just never settled.

Side note- made an AWESOME new Smoothie this morning:
1/2 an avocado
Handful of grapes
1 banana
1/2 an apple
Splash of water

I also jumped into a workout at a non-planned time, which never really works for me, but you gotta do what ya gotta do! And my partner-in-action was missing- working out alone STINKS!!!!

My warm up was a faster pace 1-mile run and it felt so good to get out there with the brisk air and my legs just worked and wanted to go faster.
1. Metcon
5 RFT:
12 Deads, 155/105
9 Hang Power Cleans, 155/105
6 Push Jerks, 155/105

2.  Clean
work up to a heavy single.

3.  Front Squats
3x5 across

I scaled the WOD today to 3 rounds (vs. 5) due to time constraints but I still got a lot out of it. 105lbs is heavy for me for a Metcon like this and usually I would have to break up the HPC and PJ so I would have done it around 95lbs, but we don't have all of our weights so I did the 105lbs

For all 3 rounds I was able to do my deadlifts unbroken and fast. I actually surprised myself and was really happy. I actually looked forward to those which NEVER happens, ha. I just kept remembering to keep my core tight and my shoulder blades flexed back so I wouldn't strain my back and the difference that makes is HUGE, I could definitely tell when wasn't and was able to fix it.

The Hang Power Cleans were much LESS fun. Nothing like having 105lbs slam down on your chest 27 times. WHAM. Can't wait for that bruise. My first round was much slower and I broke it up in 3's. My second round I was able to do 5 & 4 and then the last round I banged out 8 and then did my last HPC to go straight into my jerk. I definitely started to get fatigued after 4 of them though.

At one point during my split jerks I thought about how I should tell someone I was out in the garage and if I didn't come inside in the next 30 minutes then the bar has dropped on my head and something is WRONG! But I was too tired to go inside and was NOT going to stop and draw out this WOD any longer than needed. The first round I did sets of 2 split Jerks. Second round I did 3 & 3 and the last round I was able to suck it up and do all 6. I really started to get fatigued AND dizzy the more I did these.

I've really been  trying to not only push myself physically but mentally as well. If I can't do a set of something in a row I try and break it up in 1/2 or sets of something equal. The past few weeks I have really been trying to push myself to do one or two more when I am mentally and physically tired so I KNOW that i can do that and it's my mind setting those limitations. Today's workout I  really tried to do that even if took me some time to get into. Once I started the workout I really just wanted to walk away and I mean REALLY- no one would know... But I would and then I would be pissed and mad about it and feel like crap all day and then probably want to do the same thing tomorrow. So I PUSHED on. And little by little I felt better. It did NOT get easier, but I felt mentally stronger realizing I could do the movement and the weights. Split Jerking the weight felt so good closing out at the top like "you're gonna hear me ROOOOAAAAAAARRRRR". My deadlifts got faster as it felt like a feather compared to HPC the barbell. I set a goal to reach a time before my last round and when I got to my Split Jerks I had 30 seconds, so I pushed myself and did all of them and beat my time by 10 seconds, nothing feels better than that!!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Marriage isn't FOR Me

I came across this blog post for a husband and I just had to share it. I love that it is from a man's perspective and the advice is from his experienced Dad, but more so because it is true in ANY relationship: man & woman; woman & woman; man & man. And it applies equally to BOTH sides of the party.

Personally I had a hard fall emotionally. In the past two weeks I have let go of a lot if emotional doubt, anger, resentment, and sadness. These past two weeks have been focused and happy and enjoyable. My husband and I haven't laughed and enjoyed each other's company this much in awhile. And I can  tell you he hasn't changed- what changed is MY perspective on it. I've read a lot of things: marriage advice, spiritual advice, and religious advice as well. What it all boils down to is trying to change yourself and your perspective vs. trying to change the other person.

Control what you can control. Control your love, your language, your voice & your actions toward your partner

Appreciate your partner vs. picking out all of the big and little things he/she does wrong.  
Stop and recognize the little everyday things that he/she does for you and your family.
Verbally acknowledge these little things that he/she does and tell him/her

Anyway, this article doesn't say what I have above that is my own findings, but it's about BEING about the other person. Giving back to your partner. Loving your partner. And it really makes sense and I like it! 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Getting Back on the Horse

Well hello there! It's certainly been awhile, but I am going to TRY (try being the operative word) and get back to blogging. When I did it before I really enjoyed it and it was a good way for me to get my (semi-censored) thoughts out of my head. 

And those of us who have been to a good therapist (who me?) know that getting the thoughts out of your head whether it be on paper or saying it out loud can give us a much more realistic perspective on whatever  thoughts we were internalizing. 

Back in 2011 when The King was born I started a separate blog (Mommamotormouth) for 1.5yrs or so and I enjoyed blogging about him. However, I think Momma needs her identity back a little bit and I am so glad I never closed down "Copa de Cava". I may not be the same "girl" I was before I had my babes, but I'm always trying to be the best person, wife, mom, and friend I can be. Right now I am slacking on the friend part, BUT everyone has a time in their life where they have to be selfish and take care of themselves. 

And I don't really consume champagne as much as I used to, completely converted to a WINE(o)-Girl, but I still love a smooth, cold glass of Prosecco and the concept of what my blog name represents- Trying to live the good life!

That being said, I hope I haven't been off the grid too long and that you will come back and follow my posts! 

Copa de Cava

Monday, January 2, 2012

Morning New Year's Resolution

So apparently the general consensus is that I need to be a little more chipper in the early morning! As of the past few years people have always referred to me as an "early bird". And that I am, however no one said I was nice. And the earlier you I'm up, apparently, the "meaner" I can be!

As many of you may know, I have joined the CrossFit revolution and am loving it. I just recently changed my workouts to the early morn before Kingston wakes up. However, apparently I'm not so nice to my trainer :) (my husband).

My (almost 70 year old) mother has taken to CrossFit and training my hubby as well and LOVES it. She came a little early this morning and somehow we got on topic of me (yes I know I'm just soooo interesting) and my early morning mood. When my husband "poor me'ingly" asks my mom "have you ever been around her in the morning?" her response was "ummm hello I lived with her for 20-some years!".

If that is what people remember something's gotta change.... OK I truly will T-R-Y!!!!


Today's Health

A woman wrote in to the segment this morning saying that her hubby always gets "mad" at her because he always wants to "do the deed", but she isn't always in the mood when she is. And she goes on to explain that she is still really attracted to him, so it's not that she isn't in to him anymore, she just doesn't  have the sex drive her does.

According to the Today Show's "Health" segment... woman do NOT compare your libido and sex drive to your husband's! Men are HARD WIRED with testosterone!


But can some tell that to ALL our husbands... that we actually really DO love you and are attracted to you, so give us a teeny break!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Morning Fav

Morning Fav: Charlottesville, Virginia

We were lucky enough to spend this past weekend with our wonderful friends in Charlottesville, Virginia. Unfortunately the hubster had to work but The King and I were able to spend all weekend exploring around Charlottesville. 

Side Note: It's so funny how you can change your tune, because growing up I dreamed of attending UVA, because my older brother went there, they had great soccer and lacrosse programs, I liked the colors (blue and orange), and not only was the campus pretty but the people too. Hey- don't judge me I grew up on the "Main Line", how else was I suppose to evaluate a college? However, the path the Great One had for me didn't take me that far down south but instead to the University of Maryland where I soon began to "dislike" (for lack of a more polite word hehe) everything "Wahoo". 

We couldn't have asked for a better weekend weather wise. All of the trees radiated brilliant colors of oranges, yellows, and reds. The mountains stood tall and continued on for miles and miles in the background of all of our pictures! 

Even the drive down and back was enjoyable. We took 81 "the whole way" with zero traffic and a gorgeous backdrop. Especially on our way home with the fog rising above the mountains!

We spent both Saturday and Sunday visiting 2 wineries in the surrounding area. The first day we went to Pippin Hill Winery and the second day we went to The King Family Winery. Both were kid and dog friendly with yummy wines and backdrops. However, both had their own unique selling points- I loved Pippin Hill for the set up with the wood distressed tables all facing the mountains and vineyards. They also had, what looked to be, a very delicious menu of smaller plates (we just came from lunch so we didn't eat). King Family was neat because they had a patio full of iron clad tables where you could BYOF(ood) and then there was a huge sprawl of flat land where kids ran around, played tag, baseball, pet the horses, or crawled (that would be our King). I mean we were there for hours and he just played and played and played exploring all the new things around him; that is until he conked out face first in his stroller!

Here are the sites for both wineries in case you ever make your way down that way:

Pippin Hill Winery

The King Family Winery:

Friday, September 16, 2011

I want it.............


So yesterday in the mail Michael Jors decided to send me his little brochure. Clearly a personal invitation, haha! And I really like a lot of his stuff. What I like is that it's nice looking, fun, but affordable. I am so weird when it comes to buying jewelry... I am really really picky!

But these are my new favs that Momma is thinking of treating herself too.......

Barrel Ring:

Wrap Bracelet:

Belt Bangle:

I still think the ring is my fav though, but FALL IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

Morning Fav

Morning Fav: Intak Water Bottle

So it's been less than 24 hours BUT I am obsessed with my new water bottle already!!!! I'm sure like many of us, I am always trying to drink more water. I have gone through numerous water bottles in the last year and a half because they either broke or got too gross for me to handle! Ever since I found out I was pregnant and while I am still nursing I have tried to have a water bottle attached to my hand! 

As I was strolling the isles (OK you don't really "stroll" in a supermarket or department store anymore with a baby, BUT... you get the point) looking for a new water bottle... for me I was thinking the bigger the better, but how lazy am I that I refused to by one I had to keep unscrewing the top- haha!

So I chose one that I didn't have to unscrew, had a spout, but no straw.... and..... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! The water just floooowwwwwsssss into my mouth, I love it! I am already drinking so much more water. Like I said, it's been less than 24 hours, but so far so good!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Morning Fav

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I got love in my tummy..........

According to one of my nearest and dearest I just "had to try TJ plain FroYo", so yesterday I bought it and as soon as I got home scraped some off the top. Love at first sight? I wouldn't say that... but it definitely intrigued me. Super tart but refreshing!!!! So I tried it as a little treat after my lunch today. I piled on strawberries and graham crackers and viola a new fav! This may not be my go-to at night, I'll leave that up to my chocolate sundaes and fudgesicles. But definitely a great new addition to my freezer!

Positive Reinforcement

It's funny that no matter how old or mature we get, we still need reassurance or positive reinforcement! For example- some people just ALWAYS need an invitation to things even though YOU and THEY know they are invited!!! Or my mom- love her to death, but I always find it hilarious that when we go to dinner together or to a party she needs to know exactly what I am wearing and then sometimes wears something similar. I don't care, I just think it's funny! Same with our hair color... we are both natural blondes so it's not like it matters anyway :) !

But the main reason this comes up is I have had 2 moments this week where this really played out. The first was Monday evening at our school's athletic banquet. We really had a great lacrosse season, but I never could tell what the girls thought of me. As their coach I'm not "suppose" to care, but I'm human... and a girl... so I did sometimes. There would be nights I would call my friend on my way home from practice "they hate me, I can't do this anymore" and then the  next day it was complete opposite! At the end of the athletic banquet on Monday a ton of girls came up and were talking to me about the season, summer, "thank you's", and excitement for next year. I mean it really made me feel special!

Then this morning with my son. I'm trying to help him get to sleep on his own.. in hopes when he wakes in the middle of the night he can self-soothe himself back to sleep. Well just rubbing his little (haha or not so little) tummy and helping him nod off (instead of usually rocking him) I slipped my pinky in his hand and he grabbed on tight and nodded off! I mean come on!!!!!! It took everything I had not to start sobbing and dripping tears all over us! It's so nice to be so needed and wanted and then BAM the next thing you know they NEED their independence and you have to let them take a little step by step- talk about a crusher!!!!!

And as I get older and take on new roles, you realize things are never as they seem and  this is just one more thing.... we are still human beings that need to feel good, feel loved, and desire positive reinforcement!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Know Your Strengths

This is probably one of the best pieces of advice I have ever heard! I have a book for work I have been meaning to read called "Go Put Your Strengths to Work". And last night we were watching the most recent "Grey's Anatomy" episodes where Owen tells Christina that she is a surgeon not x, y, z and she should stop making herself be or want Chief Resident and just go be an excellent surgeon. And when I heard that I thought it was harsh and a little close minded, BUT it is so true! I really do think it is important to step out of your comfort zone and try new things (what I will be telling "little" Kingston when I want him to try his veggies), BUT it's  important to know ourselves and what can make us successful and put the majority of our focus on that! I guess I would then change my blog title to "Know Yourself". I know myself pretty well, but I have two friends that I think know themselves inside and out better than anyone I have ever met and I just respect that so much!

I was so proud of myself last night when Kyle said he wanted us to go down and figure out what we are going to do with our basement (yes we are ALWAYS doing something to this house... gotta love home ownership and people who always need something to do haha). So we went over exactly what we want to do and that was that... but deep down inside I knew the one side was a hot mess and it would really benefit from a good organization, WHICH is NOT my strength but it is someone else' I know!!!! And I knew if I went downstairs by myself I would A- have been down there for hours, B- I would have gotten bored and given up, and C- it wouldn't have looked half as good as if Kyle had helped! So we went downstairs and I started going through all the bins starting with our photo and wedding bins- for me that is the kiss of death as I could have been down there for hours, but I wasn't and we did it and now that side is ready for when we go to make our improvements!

It was such great teamwork I was so proud of us!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Baby Fever???

Is it too early to have Baby Fever??? hahah OK so don't worry we are NOT trying to add any more members to our family any time soon (eventually), BUT they usually say once your baby isn't a baby anymore you get the itch.... well my Baby is STILL a baby and I can't help but want to jump every pregnant woman I see!

Seriously I get really jealous of all the pregnant women I see and can't wait to be in that spot again and experience it all over again (which it does make me nervous because I was so spoiled and lucky with such an amazing first pregnancy, delivery, and beautiful baby boy that one can only pray to have the same experience).

In saying all of this of course I am teasing because, to be honest, I can't help but feel how am I ever going to love my other children as much as I do Kingston? And I'm sure all my mother friends would say something like "you just do" or "your heart gets bigger", etc. etc. haha! But he is just the best!

We were in church yesterday and there was a baptism, which was definitely a sign, because we have been making some final decisions about Kingston's baptism and it just "hit" me that we are making the right decisions! The little girl/baby who was getting baptized was just the TINIEST and get this her name...... Evelyn Audry.... could you not just eat that up? She fell asleep on her Daddy's shoulder with her mouth wide open, it was just so cute... it reminded me of Kingston when he was TINY haha :) ! That being said... all of the people around us were googling over Kingston (in his Sunday's best of course). I couldn't stop staring at the baby and think how lucky we will be to eventually expand our family, BUT more important to treasure each and every minute with Kingston because it goes by way too fast... so that is what we did for the rest of the day!

Go With Your Gut

I've always sort of felt this way, but I find it even more appropriate now that I'm a mom. I've always been indecisive and it truly is hard for me to make a decision, but every once in awhile I get a "gut feeling" when I'm trying to decide and when in doubt that is usually the best way for me to go, even if I don't choose it.

For example as LITTLE of a decision this was... we went out to dinner with Kingston on Saturday night. The woman asked if we mind sitting at a two person table because there was no wait.. but if we wanted a booth we'd have to wait a little longer because there was a line. For "fear" of waiting or maybe that Kyle didn't want to wait or that the baby would wake up, I said OK... I should have KNOWN neither of us would want to sit at a two person table, haha. It ended up being a wonderful evening and we could have been sitting on garbage cans for all I could have cared.. but would it have been a bit more relaxing and "us" to wait and take the  booth... YES.

Now fast forward to something that actually matters..... my baby! I read a ton of books before Kingston came along and there were definitely questions answered BUT nothing prepared me for those first 6 weeks... even if I had read the answers to all the questions I had it still didn't matter, because it seemed like every occasion was unique. Or now that I have hit the 3-month mark and he begins to change again, then at 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, etc.!! I do truly believe it is good to read and become more knowledgeable, but sometimes you just have to go with your gut.

Kingston's having some fussy time when it comes to napping and he really fights going down. I've tried x; I've tried y.... this morning I tried the crib because he wouldn't go in the swing and let him cry for a few minutes, which I KNEW wasn't going to work for us, but still did it and it ended up being counter productive... it took MORE time to calm him down.... luckily I wasn't upset, but at the end of it all, I felt that I should have just listened to my gut and spent a little extra time getting him asleep in my arms... so for nap numero dos today, what happened... just that and he is perfectly asleep in his swing, like the Kingston I know!

So I guess my point is to keep reassuring myself, any mothers and prospective mothers is that we are ALL different, which means are kids will be different and advice is great when solicited, but we know our children and in the end what is the best for them... so don't doubt yourself and go with what you feel in your gut!

What a Mother's Day!!!

Good Monday Morning!!!! So I guess it's no surprise that there isn't much "me" time anymore, but somehow right now I don't seem to mind. Hence why I am blogging this AM....

Yesterday was my first Mother's Day and it was absolutely beautiful! It always helps when the sun is shining and it's warm on a weekend, but it was just so special from the beginning. Kyle and I are both extremely busy right now with work and coaching and that doesn't leave time for much else, especially with a new Monkey in the house. So I was deeply touched when they both greeted me with picture albums of my pregnancy and journey so far with Kingston. It made everything so "real". And I have NO idea when he found the time to put it together!!! I think sometimes we get so caught up in what we are doing or expected to do, we forget to stop and take it all in: the good and the bad. The bad will make us stronger, even if we can't see it right away, and the good will hopefully make us appreciate how lucky we actually are!

As special as yesterday was, I think underneath it was definitely tough too for both Kyle and I. We are two people who take pride in our families... two people who try to take on the problems and fix them.... two people-pleasers. Which in retrospect I guess are good characteristics to have, but there is always a constant struggle. This year we decided to do our first mother and father's day with just the 3 of us, taking time for our new family. It was a hard decision to make because we didn't want to let down either of our mother's making them feel "unwanted". I'm sure this will be the first of many tough decisions we have to make, but like my sister in law told me years and years and years ago, you do the best job you can as a mother and you have to put your family first and stand by your decision. Not that this past decision was life changing and I don't want to over dramatize it, but it was definitely a tough one. It was just so weird not seeing my mom at all on Sunday as I am sure it was for him. But I am sure they understood and support us, but we will always be the babies and babies "need" their mommies!!!

Talk about growing up!!!!

I was even more in awe of the people who reached out to me on my first Mother's Day. My mom sent me the most beautiful cards that obviously made me cry; text messages, my facebook friends, Roberta, colleagues, etc. It was just so sweet to be thought of!

Many blogs to come this week (hopefully)..... as my little boy finds his voice (high pitched); celebrating baptisms (made me have baby fever again, eek); and professionally we take another turn.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kitchen Renovations Pictures to Come!!

I know some of my nearest and dearest friends have been SO super supportive of our house renovations this past fall and winter! And those of you that have seen it have nothing but wonderful things to say, thank you so much! The "hubby" did an outstanding job! I will definitely try and post some before and after pics soon!!!!!

Are We Ever Really Satisfied?

So yesterday was our first "internal" exam! Not very exciting besides the fact it just means I have hit a new "milestone" where I have graduated to my once a week appointments and a little more thorough exams.

It's funny how being pregnant is a lot like LIFE! Have you ever heard or seen the quote "Life is a journey, NOT a destination"! Well I would say that is (A)- VERY TRUE and (B)- VERY MUCH APPLIES TO BEING PREGNANT. As I look back at my journey you are always waiting for a certain "point" or milestone along these 40 weeks! At first you are waiting until you are "12 weeks" and in the safe zone from miscarriages, etc. and can tell people and simultaneously waiting until your first ultrasound (usually 12 weeks as well); 14 weeks and your "big" hereditary tests; then you wait until you actually look pregnant to others (or you could be like me and think you look preggo at 6 weeks and that others should think so too, haha); then you can't wait until your 20 week ultrasound as you teeter with the idea of if you will find out your baby's gender; then you are anxiously waiting ANY sign that your baby is moving/kicking... after the kicks... is it kicking enough... now you grow tired of the kicks and want to feel the movement... then then next few weeks just sort of wait.. wait... wait.. wait... until you hit the "30 week" mark where nothing cool really happens, just that your week has a 3 in front of it!! YAY!! Then once you hit that 3rd trimester, WAHOOOOO!!!!! Then you wait for the 37th week and you are full term.. and now you just anxiously wait for ANY sign that "is this it"!

You always THINK you will feel better once you hit one of the milestones and that it will give you some satisfaction and peace of mind. YES you do feel the satisfaction, temporarily, but then it is on to worrying about the next thing! I think I have been pretty good about this, up until these last 2 weeks!

I guess if I have any "words of wisdom" it would be to truly truly try and live in the moment of your pregnancy, because as some days and weeks may feel longer than the rest... the next thing you know you are 3 weeks away from your due date waiting for ANY sign that your little love bug will arrive.... and then you begin to panic about how will labor go, will my baby have 10 fingers and 10 toes, will he/she come safely out, etc. etc. etc..... and so it goes on being a parent!

Pregnancy Brain... to the MAX!

So, it has definitely been awhile and while I still have all my crazy thoughts and ponders sporadically swirling my mind, I just have not gotten a chance nor the motivation to jot them down. BUT, this morning feels much different! I set the alarm for a whole 1.5hrs earlier than usual and got "less" sleep and I feel GREAT... well for now, but I will take it. They say in the home stretch you get a burst of energy, so with 3 weeks to go, I will happily accept ANY energy that comes my way!

I never really thought that "Pregnancy Brain" truly existed until mine has gotten progressively worse. If I didn't have SO much to read about what to expect during my "3 stages of labor", then immediately what to do in order to care for our new baby... from Breastfeeding to properly changing, bathing, swaddling, cuddling, etc., I would go ahead and LOVE to read more about why your brain functions "differently" (to put it nicely) once you are with child!

I have 3 calendars.. yes 3! A hard copy (shout out to MomAgenda... that makes calendars for non-Mom's and I HIGHLY recommend), a iPhone calendar, and the calendar on my computer which is directly LINKED to my iPhone via mobile me and yet I STILL am missing appointments. Yes I'm busy getting prepped for baby and all my work arrangements in order for MPM (boss/dad), but SO not like me!

Then last night I spent an hour making dinner, thank goodness we weren't starving, haha! No, it really wasn't a 3-course meal, it was just waiting 45min for that "special" Basmati Rice, which really isn't that special! Well once it was all prepared I added the "soy sauce" to our chicken, rice, and broccoli, probably in more than needed quantities. As always, I do a little taste test to make sure the meal isn't "poisonous" and something did NOT taste right! Well I guess maybe because my soy sauce really wasn't.. it was WORCESTER sauce!!! GROSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Luckily Kyle's meal was semi-saved but mine was not! And the kicker is we don't even USE Worcester sauce, I probably have it because I had to use it as a very small ingredient once!!!!

Note-to-self.... READ LABELS WHILE PREGGO!!!!!