Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Are We Ever Really Satisfied?

So yesterday was our first "internal" exam! Not very exciting besides the fact it just means I have hit a new "milestone" where I have graduated to my once a week appointments and a little more thorough exams.

It's funny how being pregnant is a lot like LIFE! Have you ever heard or seen the quote "Life is a journey, NOT a destination"! Well I would say that is (A)- VERY TRUE and (B)- VERY MUCH APPLIES TO BEING PREGNANT. As I look back at my journey you are always waiting for a certain "point" or milestone along these 40 weeks! At first you are waiting until you are "12 weeks" and in the safe zone from miscarriages, etc. and can tell people and simultaneously waiting until your first ultrasound (usually 12 weeks as well); 14 weeks and your "big" hereditary tests; then you wait until you actually look pregnant to others (or you could be like me and think you look preggo at 6 weeks and that others should think so too, haha); then you can't wait until your 20 week ultrasound as you teeter with the idea of if you will find out your baby's gender; then you are anxiously waiting ANY sign that your baby is moving/kicking... after the kicks... is it kicking enough... now you grow tired of the kicks and want to feel the movement... then then next few weeks just sort of wait.. wait... wait.. wait... until you hit the "30 week" mark where nothing cool really happens, just that your week has a 3 in front of it!! YAY!! Then once you hit that 3rd trimester, WAHOOOOO!!!!! Then you wait for the 37th week and you are full term.. and now you just anxiously wait for ANY sign that "is this it"!

You always THINK you will feel better once you hit one of the milestones and that it will give you some satisfaction and peace of mind. YES you do feel the satisfaction, temporarily, but then it is on to worrying about the next thing! I think I have been pretty good about this, up until these last 2 weeks!

I guess if I have any "words of wisdom" it would be to truly truly try and live in the moment of your pregnancy, because as some days and weeks may feel longer than the rest... the next thing you know you are 3 weeks away from your due date waiting for ANY sign that your little love bug will arrive.... and then you begin to panic about how will labor go, will my baby have 10 fingers and 10 toes, will he/she come safely out, etc. etc. etc..... and so it goes on being a parent!

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