Monday, December 27, 2010

Change, Change, Change

Oh how things can change quickly.....

How fast does a year go? It always seems that our holidays and weekends seem to go ever so quickly when our workdays could go on FORRRRR-EEEEEE-VEEERRRRR!

Today I was lucky enough to wake up "when ready" and had the luxury of going on with a medium-paced morning routine before getting the work done I needed to. As I sit here with the sun heading down and the backyards and side streets still snow-covered I automatically think "what to do".... I have the hardest time sitting still (even though I know I should) but don't want to do my filing or thank you notes... cleaning is finished; already went to the gym, etc. etc.

I think about this time last year with all of the snow we had and how at this time of the day when I was finishing up my work I would pop open a bottle of white wine, pour myself a glass, and enjoy with some crackers, cheese, and fruit! Ahhhh how amazing! Or I think about how magical it would be to be in a bar enjoying Apres Ski after a "long day" or skiing!

But this year all is different with Baby George coming to town....... I will definitely not be opening a bottle of wine, skiing, or "downing" beers on a ski mountain... which is fine because we have been given the gift of life! But it's just funny to think about how quickly things can change in just a year!

Friday, December 10, 2010

What Do You Spend Your Money On?!?

Are you frugal? A shopaholic? Do you own a credit card? Massive debt? NO debt?

I finally have a credit card for the 2nd time in my life. I got one in college in order to buy my first Juicy Couture outfit from Bloomie's in Maryland.... and WOW did I learn my lesson! It scarred me for life I haven't had one in 10 years). However, as we are always trying to simplify our life before baby, finish home renovations, and always trying to improve our credit, I finally buckled and applied for an AMEX. So far so good. Fingers crossed. I like how the AMEX will hold us accountable each month.

That being said.... every few months I always reflect on my "financial views". As I negotiated with our painters to come down in price on  money I REALLY didn't want to spend, but after all Kyle has done felt awful having him do all the nasty painting labor is just plain mean. But in our "heated" conversation last night, Kyle did make the point that a lot of our house renovations does equal the annual snowboarding trip he wants to go on!

This got me thinking again... how we justify spending our money. I used to be a "bad" shopper and buy everything. Now I prefer to choose quality over quantity. I don't shop often (especially now  being preggo), but when I do I like to be able to purchase an item and not feel guilty. However, I think it's funny that if we need to spend money on a new microwave ($200+), a pressure gauge for the shower ($500+), or more recently (last night) a new kitchen sink and the faucet I get SO stingy. But in all reality, if I really liked a dress, sweater (shoes probably NOT so much) I would have no issue spending $200! Not that I would do it every day, but it's just funny when you take a step back and ponder it.

How do YOU spend your money?

Home Renovations


So it's no secret that we have been doing a lot of home renovations to our casa this past year. As of late it's been our kitchen... and yes I have a ton of pictures, I just am waiting for it to be complete to post them!

All of our contractors have been truly great (thank you to Service Magic... great company for contractor referrals!!!), appreciative, courteous, and most importantly mindful of our budget. Not sure if it is because they are good people OR if it's because I'm pregnant... either way, yay for us!

But in saying that I am definitely getting a little restless to have a quiet home with zero dust! Soon enough AND it will all be MORE than worth it, so there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.

It's just funny listening to them from 7am-9pm... whether it's their conversations or what channel they were listening to on  the radio (last week it was the Christian channel). As I sit here and listen to my 7 painters working diligently in our kitchen and dinning room chatting away!

I will say all of this work has given me more than a new found respect for labor!

Happy Friday!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Nike Commercials

I seriously LOVE Nike and Gatorade commercials!!! Maybe it's because being an athlete I love how they get to the core of why we play! There is so much hoop-la around sports these days that sometimes it actually DOES ruin the game!

For example- Lebron James is a GREAT basketball player, but as things go these days- great athletes become celebrities and they take on OTHER roles besides their "job" on the court, the field, the diamond, etc. They have a responsibility to uphold even when they are NOT playing "their game". Like it or not, that is modern day sports and when you sign that contract that is what you sign up for!

Obviously NOT many people were too thrilled when Lebron left the Cavs for the Heat, but it is what it is... people move on and what was good for someone at one stage in the career may not be as they progress or get older! Last night when Lebron returned home to play the Cavs the fans weren't very nice (I'm just glad he didn't get shot), BUT he made a statement "scoring" 38 points! Sayyyy WHAT!

My friend just sent me the Lebron James Nike Commercial. I hadn't seen it yet, but I liked it, because I think it brings you back to... he is a person who just wanted to play basketball and be a hero... a legend... but in modern day society all of the other "stuff" and celebrity-isms that go along with being a famous athlete these days. But HE IS A PERSON and probably deals with internal conflict just as you and I do... The only issue is that he comes off so FULL of himself and I hate that. Is that him or is that the "persona" he is trying to be or THINKS he needs to be. You look at some of these other athletes and you just want to say PLAY THE GAME, but in all reality that's NOT sports anymore..... it's just NOT that simple.  I'm not saying is "right or wrong", it just.... "is what it is"... here is the article and commercial:

Now Michael Jordan just came out with a video response to Lebron James, which I like even more: A great athlete makes things look easy and those around him/her often forget the WHY and HOW that athlete is capable of his/her abilities. All the time before and after practice. The concentration it took DURING practice vs. goofing off. Making their own way vs. following the rest of the team. All of the blood, sweat, and tears on AND off the court/field. Many athletes HAVE natural abilities, BUT the best of the best WORK to improve those god-given abilities and that is what makes them great.

I always feel like such a "nazi" (excuse my politically incorrect word choice) when I am coaching, when I harp on my girls to focus or not goof off during practice. It isn't because I don't want to have... gosh if they only new me in high school and college, BUT there is a time and a place. And some of their timing seems to be off. I harp on them because I see a talent or a gift and want they to SEE that in themselves as well. BUT they have to work at it and continue working with it!


Quote of the Day

"We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to HAVE THE LIFE THAT IS WAITING FOR US" - E. M. Forster

This is from my "Momagenda" Day planner. I LOVE this quote because I feel like it calls out to me! I am SUCH a planner and as the nurse said last night at my Pediatrician Consultation... "I know all you young adults are used to a schedule and doing things one way, BUT once a kid comes, you have to throw all that scheduling out the door".

Which is DEFINITELY true, but I think one of those things you don't REALLY REALLY get until you are put in the situation. Just like trying to rest up and enjoy your (a pregnant woman) last "days" of being you, being "selfish", resting, etc. because once the baby comes it is NOT about you anymore, ever! And I GET that, but I just don't think it's one of those things you can ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND until you are in that position.

I think it's good to have a plan and be organized, or as I do... organize my life by chaos- it works for me- maybe not my husband, but it works for me and I do it just fine, haha! BUT to be flexible when appropriate.. NOW I don't mean changing your schedules to accommodate others, because that's not fair- you need to live your life too, but to be OPEN to the possibility of change (scary!!!) and  that things may not go the way as planned and to calm down and be open to the new path that has been presented in front of you.... yes that is a metaphor!

We will see.. we will see.....

Morning Fav

Morning Fav: Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser by Kiehls

Click on the title above to go to the link!

I tried this cleanser out when I was visiting my friend in Boston and fell in love. I am not usually a Kiehl's fan. I LIKE Kiehl's, but not usually one of my "go to" brands or a must have for me. But when I tell you this got off ALL of my make up (including my heavy duty eyeliner and mascara) I am NOT lying!

The wash is super soft AND gets the job done, which is a hard combo to come by! And the ingredients are preggo friendly!

Definitely a must-have to put on your list for Santa or a nice little stocking stuffer for those in your life.

Now my only dilemma, keeping it away from my husband, who just realized how great my "Mario Badescu Pimple Cream" is... I hide it behind my shampoo in the shower (hehe). I'm all for sharing, BUT we are working on portion control for nice products!!!!!