Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pregnancy Brain... to the MAX!

So, it has definitely been awhile and while I still have all my crazy thoughts and ponders sporadically swirling my mind, I just have not gotten a chance nor the motivation to jot them down. BUT, this morning feels much different! I set the alarm for a whole 1.5hrs earlier than usual and got "less" sleep and I feel GREAT... well for now, but I will take it. They say in the home stretch you get a burst of energy, so with 3 weeks to go, I will happily accept ANY energy that comes my way!

I never really thought that "Pregnancy Brain" truly existed until mine has gotten progressively worse. If I didn't have SO much to read about what to expect during my "3 stages of labor", then immediately what to do in order to care for our new baby... from Breastfeeding to properly changing, bathing, swaddling, cuddling, etc., I would go ahead and LOVE to read more about why your brain functions "differently" (to put it nicely) once you are with child!

I have 3 calendars.. yes 3! A hard copy (shout out to MomAgenda... that makes calendars for non-Mom's and I HIGHLY recommend), a iPhone calendar, and the calendar on my computer which is directly LINKED to my iPhone via mobile me and yet I STILL am missing appointments. Yes I'm busy getting prepped for baby and all my work arrangements in order for MPM (boss/dad), but SO not like me!

Then last night I spent an hour making dinner, thank goodness we weren't starving, haha! No, it really wasn't a 3-course meal, it was just waiting 45min for that "special" Basmati Rice, which really isn't that special! Well once it was all prepared I added the "soy sauce" to our chicken, rice, and broccoli, probably in more than needed quantities. As always, I do a little taste test to make sure the meal isn't "poisonous" and something did NOT taste right! Well I guess maybe because my soy sauce really wasn't.. it was WORCESTER sauce!!! GROSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Luckily Kyle's meal was semi-saved but mine was not! And the kicker is we don't even USE Worcester sauce, I probably have it because I had to use it as a very small ingredient once!!!!

Note-to-self.... READ LABELS WHILE PREGGO!!!!!

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