Monday, May 9, 2011

What a Mother's Day!!!

Good Monday Morning!!!! So I guess it's no surprise that there isn't much "me" time anymore, but somehow right now I don't seem to mind. Hence why I am blogging this AM....

Yesterday was my first Mother's Day and it was absolutely beautiful! It always helps when the sun is shining and it's warm on a weekend, but it was just so special from the beginning. Kyle and I are both extremely busy right now with work and coaching and that doesn't leave time for much else, especially with a new Monkey in the house. So I was deeply touched when they both greeted me with picture albums of my pregnancy and journey so far with Kingston. It made everything so "real". And I have NO idea when he found the time to put it together!!! I think sometimes we get so caught up in what we are doing or expected to do, we forget to stop and take it all in: the good and the bad. The bad will make us stronger, even if we can't see it right away, and the good will hopefully make us appreciate how lucky we actually are!

As special as yesterday was, I think underneath it was definitely tough too for both Kyle and I. We are two people who take pride in our families... two people who try to take on the problems and fix them.... two people-pleasers. Which in retrospect I guess are good characteristics to have, but there is always a constant struggle. This year we decided to do our first mother and father's day with just the 3 of us, taking time for our new family. It was a hard decision to make because we didn't want to let down either of our mother's making them feel "unwanted". I'm sure this will be the first of many tough decisions we have to make, but like my sister in law told me years and years and years ago, you do the best job you can as a mother and you have to put your family first and stand by your decision. Not that this past decision was life changing and I don't want to over dramatize it, but it was definitely a tough one. It was just so weird not seeing my mom at all on Sunday as I am sure it was for him. But I am sure they understood and support us, but we will always be the babies and babies "need" their mommies!!!

Talk about growing up!!!!

I was even more in awe of the people who reached out to me on my first Mother's Day. My mom sent me the most beautiful cards that obviously made me cry; text messages, my facebook friends, Roberta, colleagues, etc. It was just so sweet to be thought of!

Many blogs to come this week (hopefully)..... as my little boy finds his voice (high pitched); celebrating baptisms (made me have baby fever again, eek); and professionally we take another turn.


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