Monday, May 9, 2011

Baby Fever???

Is it too early to have Baby Fever??? hahah OK so don't worry we are NOT trying to add any more members to our family any time soon (eventually), BUT they usually say once your baby isn't a baby anymore you get the itch.... well my Baby is STILL a baby and I can't help but want to jump every pregnant woman I see!

Seriously I get really jealous of all the pregnant women I see and can't wait to be in that spot again and experience it all over again (which it does make me nervous because I was so spoiled and lucky with such an amazing first pregnancy, delivery, and beautiful baby boy that one can only pray to have the same experience).

In saying all of this of course I am teasing because, to be honest, I can't help but feel how am I ever going to love my other children as much as I do Kingston? And I'm sure all my mother friends would say something like "you just do" or "your heart gets bigger", etc. etc. haha! But he is just the best!

We were in church yesterday and there was a baptism, which was definitely a sign, because we have been making some final decisions about Kingston's baptism and it just "hit" me that we are making the right decisions! The little girl/baby who was getting baptized was just the TINIEST and get this her name...... Evelyn Audry.... could you not just eat that up? She fell asleep on her Daddy's shoulder with her mouth wide open, it was just so cute... it reminded me of Kingston when he was TINY haha :) ! That being said... all of the people around us were googling over Kingston (in his Sunday's best of course). I couldn't stop staring at the baby and think how lucky we will be to eventually expand our family, BUT more important to treasure each and every minute with Kingston because it goes by way too fast... so that is what we did for the rest of the day!

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