Monday, November 11, 2013

CrossFITTING My Mental Strength

So it's no secret that The Hubby and I are avid CrossFitters, in case you forget THERE is your reminder, haha just kidding! And I actually strongly dislike the noun/adjective "CrossFitter" as we don't fit the true "mold" and aren't in the CF cult (by our standers)... we are just two people who really like to work out, like a challenge, are extremely competitive (OK OK I AM competitive), like the CF programing, CF 5 days a week and do occasional competitions- so I guess I am not really helping my case?!?

BUT... for lack of a better word yup I used it

Last November I started the blog The George Project and did it for about 5 months until once again life got in the way, our competition season slowed down, and I just had other priorities. But I figured since I was trying to blog again I could just do it on here.

We are back in our garage after a 2-month membership at another box. Thoroughly enjoyed our time there working out with the other members, but for the time being we had to move our workouts back home. It's definitely been a lot more challenging going back this time as I really enjoyed the people I worked out with- super friendly; the time (late afternoon vs. early morning); working out with heat or ac vs. the temp outside; and it became our family routine where we all went together. The King stills asks "Mommy why aren't we going to the gym", the only easy explanation I had for him was "we won't be going to the gym for awhile, the gym is closed" and my little rascal's response "Mommy- does the man know the gym is closed?"- freaking LOVE that kid! Also reminds me of "Jerry Maguire" (NO RAY THE ZOO IS CLOSED).

We did start following a new program though that will hopefully help me get a little stronger. As I knew and was reminded of two weekends ago in the SuperFit competition is that there are a lot of other women stronger than me out there and if I want to compete I can't just rely on my METCON performance, I need to build strength. So, we have been following the "OPEN" routines on this CompetitorsWodBlogspot

Today's WOD was extremely hard for me 

First off I have had the jitters all morning and have just been OFF- that never helps rushing out to a work out. No matter how I tried to settle it with breathing or nutritionally it just never settled.

Side note- made an AWESOME new Smoothie this morning:
1/2 an avocado
Handful of grapes
1 banana
1/2 an apple
Splash of water

I also jumped into a workout at a non-planned time, which never really works for me, but you gotta do what ya gotta do! And my partner-in-action was missing- working out alone STINKS!!!!

My warm up was a faster pace 1-mile run and it felt so good to get out there with the brisk air and my legs just worked and wanted to go faster.
1. Metcon
5 RFT:
12 Deads, 155/105
9 Hang Power Cleans, 155/105
6 Push Jerks, 155/105

2.  Clean
work up to a heavy single.

3.  Front Squats
3x5 across

I scaled the WOD today to 3 rounds (vs. 5) due to time constraints but I still got a lot out of it. 105lbs is heavy for me for a Metcon like this and usually I would have to break up the HPC and PJ so I would have done it around 95lbs, but we don't have all of our weights so I did the 105lbs

For all 3 rounds I was able to do my deadlifts unbroken and fast. I actually surprised myself and was really happy. I actually looked forward to those which NEVER happens, ha. I just kept remembering to keep my core tight and my shoulder blades flexed back so I wouldn't strain my back and the difference that makes is HUGE, I could definitely tell when wasn't and was able to fix it.

The Hang Power Cleans were much LESS fun. Nothing like having 105lbs slam down on your chest 27 times. WHAM. Can't wait for that bruise. My first round was much slower and I broke it up in 3's. My second round I was able to do 5 & 4 and then the last round I banged out 8 and then did my last HPC to go straight into my jerk. I definitely started to get fatigued after 4 of them though.

At one point during my split jerks I thought about how I should tell someone I was out in the garage and if I didn't come inside in the next 30 minutes then the bar has dropped on my head and something is WRONG! But I was too tired to go inside and was NOT going to stop and draw out this WOD any longer than needed. The first round I did sets of 2 split Jerks. Second round I did 3 & 3 and the last round I was able to suck it up and do all 6. I really started to get fatigued AND dizzy the more I did these.

I've really been  trying to not only push myself physically but mentally as well. If I can't do a set of something in a row I try and break it up in 1/2 or sets of something equal. The past few weeks I have really been trying to push myself to do one or two more when I am mentally and physically tired so I KNOW that i can do that and it's my mind setting those limitations. Today's workout I  really tried to do that even if took me some time to get into. Once I started the workout I really just wanted to walk away and I mean REALLY- no one would know... But I would and then I would be pissed and mad about it and feel like crap all day and then probably want to do the same thing tomorrow. So I PUSHED on. And little by little I felt better. It did NOT get easier, but I felt mentally stronger realizing I could do the movement and the weights. Split Jerking the weight felt so good closing out at the top like "you're gonna hear me ROOOOAAAAAAARRRRR". My deadlifts got faster as it felt like a feather compared to HPC the barbell. I set a goal to reach a time before my last round and when I got to my Split Jerks I had 30 seconds, so I pushed myself and did all of them and beat my time by 10 seconds, nothing feels better than that!!!

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