Monday, January 2, 2012

Morning New Year's Resolution

So apparently the general consensus is that I need to be a little more chipper in the early morning! As of the past few years people have always referred to me as an "early bird". And that I am, however no one said I was nice. And the earlier you I'm up, apparently, the "meaner" I can be!

As many of you may know, I have joined the CrossFit revolution and am loving it. I just recently changed my workouts to the early morn before Kingston wakes up. However, apparently I'm not so nice to my trainer :) (my husband).

My (almost 70 year old) mother has taken to CrossFit and training my hubby as well and LOVES it. She came a little early this morning and somehow we got on topic of me (yes I know I'm just soooo interesting) and my early morning mood. When my husband "poor me'ingly" asks my mom "have you ever been around her in the morning?" her response was "ummm hello I lived with her for 20-some years!".

If that is what people remember something's gotta change.... OK I truly will T-R-Y!!!!


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