Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Positive Reinforcement

It's funny that no matter how old or mature we get, we still need reassurance or positive reinforcement! For example- some people just ALWAYS need an invitation to things even though YOU and THEY know they are invited!!! Or my mom- love her to death, but I always find it hilarious that when we go to dinner together or to a party she needs to know exactly what I am wearing and then sometimes wears something similar. I don't care, I just think it's funny! Same with our hair color... we are both natural blondes so it's not like it matters anyway :) !

But the main reason this comes up is I have had 2 moments this week where this really played out. The first was Monday evening at our school's athletic banquet. We really had a great lacrosse season, but I never could tell what the girls thought of me. As their coach I'm not "suppose" to care, but I'm human... and a girl... so I did sometimes. There would be nights I would call my friend on my way home from practice "they hate me, I can't do this anymore" and then the  next day it was complete opposite! At the end of the athletic banquet on Monday a ton of girls came up and were talking to me about the season, summer, "thank you's", and excitement for next year. I mean it really made me feel special!

Then this morning with my son. I'm trying to help him get to sleep on his own.. in hopes when he wakes in the middle of the night he can self-soothe himself back to sleep. Well just rubbing his little (haha or not so little) tummy and helping him nod off (instead of usually rocking him) I slipped my pinky in his hand and he grabbed on tight and nodded off! I mean come on!!!!!! It took everything I had not to start sobbing and dripping tears all over us! It's so nice to be so needed and wanted and then BAM the next thing you know they NEED their independence and you have to let them take a little step by step- talk about a crusher!!!!!

And as I get older and take on new roles, you realize things are never as they seem and  this is just one more thing.... we are still human beings that need to feel good, feel loved, and desire positive reinforcement!

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