Friday, September 16, 2011

Morning Fav

Morning Fav: Intak Water Bottle

So it's been less than 24 hours BUT I am obsessed with my new water bottle already!!!! I'm sure like many of us, I am always trying to drink more water. I have gone through numerous water bottles in the last year and a half because they either broke or got too gross for me to handle! Ever since I found out I was pregnant and while I am still nursing I have tried to have a water bottle attached to my hand! 

As I was strolling the isles (OK you don't really "stroll" in a supermarket or department store anymore with a baby, BUT... you get the point) looking for a new water bottle... for me I was thinking the bigger the better, but how lazy am I that I refused to by one I had to keep unscrewing the top- haha!

So I chose one that I didn't have to unscrew, had a spout, but no straw.... and..... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! The water just floooowwwwwsssss into my mouth, I love it! I am already drinking so much more water. Like I said, it's been less than 24 hours, but so far so good!

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